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Electroacoustic Drone and Ambient
Musical Performance

“I silence my voice in the darkness. I disappear. My thoughts and images dissolve. And in this nothingness remain just the mood, my inner feelings and essence. Remains me.

I am floating, blind, silent and weightless, appreciating the art of music that is carrying me and bringing me to a state where I am able to connect with my inner world. There is no one and nothing else existing in this inner cosmos. My current form, in the beginning of this journey, seems further and further away, like a memory of an old friend you haven’t seen in years and you ask yourself, what possibly has become of them. And I wonder, what will I have become, when I come back?”

We hope seen you on board!

Our lift-off is from from Hamburgs
art-squad Gängeviertel,
in the cellar of Fabrique.

We create a space, where you can make the journey in the cabin of our small spaceship into the fragile, intimate universe of your soul. To be able to get access to that, there is a need to decrease your other senses and social interaction to a minimum. Try to be quiet with yourself and others. For all your needs, you will be provided pen and paper to communicate, whenever necessary.

The motor of our spacecraft is equipped with a two subwoofer and four surround speaker system, we are ready to go.

You will experience two live drone performances about 2.5 hours with a 30 mins pause in between. We will provide seats, tea, a booklet with information about our artists, a paper book and a pencil for your communication to our bar-crew.

Including tea and vegan snacks

your seat

Please book in advance, as seats are limited. We don’t want to overload the place with guests, we will be a small group, so that everyone will find a place and space with no limitations and freedom for inner transformation. Book your seat via paypal using this email address, please include your names or nicknames in the payment message, then you are saved in the guest list.


+ 49-152-05389184

We are glad to see you

You’re always welcome to
drop me a line to discuss cooperation