We create a space, where you can make the journey in the cabin of our small spaceship into the fragile, intimate universe of your soul. To be able to get access to that, there is a need to decrease your other senses and social interaction to a minimum. Try to be quiet with yourself and others. For all your needs, you will be provided pen and paper to communicate, whenever necessary.

Our lift-off is from from Hamburgs art-squad Gängeviertel, in the cellar of Fabrique. May 19 2019.

The motor of our spacecraft is equipped with a two subwoofer and four surround speaker system, we are ready to go.

You will experience two live drone performances about 2.5 hours with a 30 mins pause in between. We will provide seats, tea, a booklet with information about our artists, a paper book and a pencil for your communication to our bar-crew.

We hope seen you on board MAY 19 2019


Your Symbiotic Silence Crew.